April 11th, 2016


The Wind River is murky due to rain over the weekend and runoff. The river peaked today at 106 CFS, the highest this year. Fishing is tough, water temperature is 54 degrees. Baetis hatch was small but apparent late this morning. Today’s high was 59. Run off has started! Lakes between 7-8000 feet are mostly ice free. They have yet to turn over. So far we haven’t seen any Snake River anglers on this side of the divide, but 4 big horn sheep ran over to us to say hi!

Water flow: 106 cfs @ Dubois

Visibility: 6 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 53 Degrees F

Water condition: Murky

Best time of day to fish: Warmest parts of the day during the Winter seasons

Best stretch: Deep holes, along the bank

Best access point: Any Public Pullout

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Midges and Baetis will be the vast majority of hatches for the remainder early spring. 

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