Golden Trout Trips


The Wind River Mountains have the largest Golden Trout in the world. Catching golden trout is the pinacle in wild trout fishing, and for good reason. Pound for pound they fight better than any other trout. Secondly, they are the most beautiful trout imaginable. Pictures don’t do them justice. Lastly, they only reside in very remote high mountain pristine lakes. We’ll help you get this elusive fish checked off your bucket list.

TFC is the exclusive guide service for Chamley Outfitting LLC, the finest outfitter in Wyoming. Chamley Outtfitting LLC., has the greatest stock which have been trained to navigate the very rough terrain of the Windy’s. Each animal has been riden by their staff for 2 years or more before a guest ever will. They ensure each animal is very well behaved.

Trips are flexible and we now booking for 2016. Trips are all inclusive except Wyoming license. We eat well, and this trip is a trip of a lifetime!

All food/tents/gear/supplies etc., are packed in by horse. Base camp is a 4-5 hour ride located right between 2 beautiful lakes full of trout! A camp cook prepares all the food for a trip you will never forget!

Cost is $550/day per person

The following dates are open on a first come basis. 

July 9-16th—Pending

July 16-23rd-Booked

July 23-30th-Open

For more information, please call us, 307.699.4602

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