Fly fishing guides-wild trout and Dubois WY fly fishing

The Best Fly Fishing Guides in Wyoming!

Zach Drazner (owner-Head guide)


Zach was raised in suburban Dallas, Texas. Having first touched a fishing rod at about 7 years old, the passion started, but very subtly at first. When going out to the ranch to fish with crickets, he always lost his sense of time and worry. Slowly, but surely it caught on. When Zach went to a wilderness program in Utah at 14 years old, a guide showed him how to cast a fly rod. It was that singular moment that he knew it was going to be his life, and the only thing he was worried about were his rod, arm, and fly. From then on, he'll be obsessed, seeking adventure, learning opportunities, experience, and most important of all... Fish.

Geoff Stevens (Guide)

He has been fly fishing and tying for 35 years. Fly fishing has been one of the great loves in his life. Many refer to him as the “Trout Whisperer.” He is probably one of the most educated guides you’ll fish with (Bachor in Physics, Masters in Theology). As well as a guide, Geoff is a college professor; needless to say, he loves to teach others what he is passionate about! He has taught at the graduate level, lectured and debated around the world on subject of creation and evolution, and with 5 children is a great teacher for any age level. 

His passion is to guide others onto a passionate love affair of fooling trout with a bit of feathers, fur and a hook. Geoff also is an authority on competitive european nymphing, so if you want to up your game and increase your catch rate, Geoff is your guy.

In his own words...

I love to fish, before I can remember, I would beg my parents to take me across the street so I could fish in my neighbor’s little trout stream. I made my own fishing rod from a spool of thread and used Christmas-tree hooks. I was obsessed. My first tied fly was at age 5--Christimas tree hook and some red feathers…although I didn’t catch that rainbow, his swirling at my feathered hook caught me. 

At age eleven Mr. Thomas, an older man from my church asked my dad if he could take me fishing. He had the patience of Job, and many Saturdays in the summer he’d pick me up and we’d fish for bass. He didn’t fish with a regular rod, but taught me how to do real fishing, fly fishing. Who knows how many hundreds of flies I lost in the trees, but it was through his kindness and patience I learned to fly fish.

    When my uncle heard I started fly fishing and loved it, he taught me how to tie flies. I still remember sitting down at the table with him and tying my first ‘wooly bugger’. He then gave me a complete tying kit; I was off and haven’t look back since.

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